In the Poman Valley, located in Sijan, in Catamarca Province , we find “ El Machao” ,an imposing hill which connected itself with the sky , it is at 4561 meters on the sea level, and there in the base of the hill our family initiated  a dynasty of  growers who continue  developing this exciting task.

The name of “Cerro Machao” comes from the aboriginal language Kakán and it means “place of fear”.

But on the other hand this name didn´t terrified our ancestors who chose to follow the Nature message when they saw the Sijan river ,born in a generous water natural supply which could water  the vineyards they dreamed to grow there.

Today our blanked  watering is fed by the pure and pristine water that in its way passed by a kaolin vein in a place  called “Cerro Blanco” and together with the alluvial soil and the thermal amplitude which are the result of this singular microclimate , give our wines a generous color and smell as well as a structure that expresses the  wine terroir in a unique and unmistakable manner.